31 de jul de 2008

Novos Los

Meus novos LOs

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Miss Allie & Co. disse...


Ok, so that is the only word I know in Portugese. I know a little of Spanish and therefore could understand what you wrote. The rest I asked my brother-in-law to translate (and found that what I had guessed that you had written was correct! I was proud of myself!).

Thanks for enjoying my blog and putting my blinkie on yours. I appreciate it.

I LOVE what you do! It was fun looking through your blog and the creative ways you've made LO's! You are super talented.

Thanks again and I hope you have a great weekend!

Rita disse...

Meu Deus, a Ma já fez 15? O tempo voa!! Ela tá linda Dina!! Eita que nessa família só tem gente linda!!! :o)