2 de ago de 2008

Cara Nova

Meu blog está de cara nova!!!!!
Há tempo queria fazê-lo!
Ficou com uma carinha de blog de scrap...vocês não acham?
Tô com alguns layouts no forno...
Logo, logo vou colocá-los aqui pra vocês...

Um comentário:

Miss Allie & Co. disse...

Hi! Thanks for the translating site! I didn't know google had it. Google has just about everything these days.

I'm glad you like my new blinking layout. It was fun to make.

How fun to chat with someone from Brasil. I also had a boyfriend who is fluent in Portugese. He's the one who taught me the word "obrigada". He went on a mission for my church there and my brother-in-law went to Portugal for his mission. It's amazing how only two years there and they come back completely fluent in the language.

Sorry for the long post! I'm glad we've met!